Sunday, October 10, 2010

#PLENK2010 And Another Thing ...

I think every teacher-in-training needs to take a course on how to teach reading and writing because, I contend, that all subject assignments need to be guided reading lessons if the text is written at the Frustration Level of the Students.  Then, too, I think every teacher-in-training needs to take courses in basic special education because possibly one-third of every class may have ADD.  In a time when people with special needs are not excluded from society, children (and adults) must learn to share politely with everyone.  That means that teachers are going to have to know how to make adjustments and accommodations because they cannot count on the special child being taken aside by another teacher or aide. 
   I have seen classes where the 'different' child is well cared for by all and other classes where the child is bullied or ignored.  It depends on the teacher and the teacher's philosophy of education and of society, and those of the Principal and Superintendent.

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