Saturday, October 23, 2010

PLENK2010 Temple Grandin

#PLENK2010 I watched Temple Grandin last night. I had read a lot about her and heard her speak, but the movie is stunning because it puts the whole story together for you. This is worth buying.
No matter how we do it, the best way that people remember is through stories. This is how we remember our own histories, and by telling our story we can distance ourselves from the trauma. Temple sees words as pictures. As with Medieval church art or the best children's books, her mental images tell the whole story.
I had a friend who was an artist. In her dreams, the people did not talk, but she saw them act and saw images. In my dreams, although I see vivid images, the people talk and talk. Some mornings I wake up exhausted from all the busy-ness of the night. For some students, music explodes with story. Keeping in mind these different modalities enables us to appreciate the expressive styles of the 'dyslexics' among our students.

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