Saturday, October 23, 2010

PLENK2010 Being Original

#PLENK2010 When I was about 12, through many arguments and discussions with an immigrant neighbour and classmate, I realized that many of my opinions were hand-me-downs from my mother. From observing the paintings of another friend, I realized that our first model of 'people' is ourselves.
When I was 25, I had been studying origami. I had made all the easy figures. Now I was making the dog. That night before I fell asleep, I thought that if I did this and that I could make a donkey. The next day, I did. I realized that I was building on the genius of others, but I had had my own very original thought all by myself. Of course, I was not surprised to find the same design later on, but I was confident that I was capable of truly original thought because I too had come up with that idea.
When I was 10, I realized that the people in my dreams did not talk. As with many 'bossy' girls, I was directing the people in my dreams, telling them what to say, as though they were in a play. I asked Mother when the people in my dreams would talk for themselves. She didn't know, but she assured me that they would. I guess I was about 12 when they began to talk for themselves. Now it's talk, talk, talk all night.
At some point in my dreams, I found myself looking at a book. Unfortunately, the page was blank. A number of months or years later, the words on the page were there but I could not read them. Finally, a few years ago, I found myself actually reading the page. Progress!
You need a lot of input first before you can come up with that inspired idea.

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