Friday, October 15, 2010

PLENK2010 Off Topic?

#PLENK2010  Part of our PLE exploration is networking with others.  In my discussions, I have been sharing some of what I am reading about the connections between the roots of addiction and ADD in the lack of parental attachment/attention (read: ADD means the child has had a Deficit of Adult Attention.) and how to reverse it and in the lack of parental support by our stand-alone society that creates an opportunity (and need in the child) for peer-attachment and gang-culture.  I recommend reading Gabor Maté: Scattered Minds (ADD), In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, and Hold on to Your Kids.  Also re-read about the lost boys in Peter Pan and the peer culture in Lord of the Flies.  Also consider Tom Brown's School Days.
   Why do you need to know about this?  Well, many of our drop-out students who re-appear in community college and even in university as adult students are the walking wounded, and they require new methods of teaching. 

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