Monday, January 24, 2011

ds106 digital progress uploading MP3s

I got into this course to learn more about using the internet.  In the PLENK course I had met a lot of people, learned a lot of stuff, and some of us still converse weekly. 

In fact, I am teaching grammar over Skype to the class of one my new-found friends.  It is a lot of fun and very exciting.  We are so enjoying team-teaching.  I emailed him the lessons, he printed them out, then he projected the lessons using his computer and projector and did the lessons with the students while I sat, as a talking head on another computer, and walked them through the exercises and the lessons.  The students learned grammar and my friend learned how to teach the grammar.  Now that I know how to use the system, I can offer my expertise anywhere in the world.

It was this new friend who suggested that I try Audacity for recording my voice.  That was good, because for some lessons on my grammar blog (, I wanted to be able to download the spoken word.  Blogger will allow you to download or connect to Youtube for that.  Got an account with Youtube.  I tried uploading to Youtube, but the Audacity files would not work.  But see, Audacity will make MP3s.  Ok.  Convert Audacity aup files to MP3s.  Upload them to Youtube.  Still, Youtube did not like them.  They uploaded all right, but could not be played.  OK, back to my friend.  He then suggested

OK. Signed up for  Up went the MP3s.  Back to Blogger.  Yes! I could insert the URL for my soundcloud posting, and it would work.

My friend listened to one of the songs that I posted on soundcloud, and he suggested that you might like to listen to them as examples of story-telling.  I sang them softly as I was wearing a headset.  To belt anything out, it is better to stand.  They are all pretty old songs.  Ya gotta start somewhere. I hope you enjoy them.

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