Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ds106 digital progress uploading videos

Ha!  I figured it out.  This is not very exciting.  But it is a "video".  My first recording were not very good.  For one thing, I can't properly hear myself with the headset on.  The built-in mic works though.
Anyway, blogger seems to want to get the video from my computer.
But I did something wrong with the first one because it would not upload.  I tried with Youtube, but again, it had some error in uploading. Not that I expect anyone will want to listen.  They are pretty rough and perhaps not me at my best.  Yet.  My goodness it takes a long time to upload one from my computer — from 5:27 to 8:25.   It appears to be capturing bits by the second, every second a pulse of data at the bottom of the screen and at the tab.  With all the stops and starts and correction of mistakes, I have been at this since early afternoon.  Still it is something I can use in other projects.
Aha!  Found the error.  I have to export it into a compression format using QuickTime.  Oh, oh.  Do it again...You're not logged in.  Start again.

What a long process this has been:  Audacity > export MP3 > iMovie > export QT
It takes so much patience.  AND still I get an error loading it this blog.
....To be continued

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