Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ds106 video learning Facebook sharing

First, I shared with my internet friends.
[01/26/11] Susan Grigor: Well, an update. Jim sent me good instructions. And Glen walked me through the steps. So I am on youtube ....waay way down on the list. I have them on my blog. BUT the video would not embed on my facebook entry, just the URL and the html embed data. More to learn...
[01/26/11] Susan Grigor: I am uploading it into FB from my computer..but it is not the same as pulling it in from youtube.

And so, I went to Facebook, to share with my community and family.

Here is my FB stream of consciousness;
[01/26/11] Susan Grigor: Susan Grigor
This fall, I have been taking courses on how to use the internet for teaching purposes. Bit by bit, I have been learning lots. One of the things we were encouraged to try was to use FB. Well, I had FB, but I didn't attend to it.
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Susan Grigor So, I came to see what was happening. I was astonished. Here you all were, talking and sharing. I got most of the information I needed about the flood from you. Someone suggested that I get in touch with Kathy Moore, and now she sends me regular updates about the flood work that is still going on and about food specials in her store. I love it.
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Susan Grigor Yesterday, after many false starts, I learned from my new internet teacher friends how to upload a video. In honour of them and in thank you to you, I am sharing it with you.
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Susan Grigor
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Susan Grigor Nope, it is not happening...more to learn.
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Susan Grigor I am waay down on the lists of performers. Hope it's not too painful to listen to.
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Susan Grigor And..the power went off...trying again
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Jennifer Feinberg Your persistence is inspiring. Keep up the good work and welcome to the 21st C. where techno tools are king!
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Susan Grigor Processing...wait for it. This is what you get for praying for Patience: lots of practice. Certain students have thought I was impatient, but I try to be patient with learning and teaching, not with blatant rudeness to me or to fellow students.
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Susan Grigor It's in My Videos.
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Susan Grigor But I am such a Newbie that I don't know where that is. More to learn...
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[01/26/11] Susan Grigor: Jennifer Feinberg Well I just hit the link in one of your above posts. But your videos should be on your profile tucked away in some corner.
[01/26/11] Susan Grigor: Thanks, Jenny.  It just popped up.

It took only 5 tries to get it to work and a short wait to get it processed by FB.

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