Tuesday, September 14, 2010

authority in wiki world

#PLENK2010  Many people, students in school and others, turn to Wikipedia for general information.  Yet this site, in particular, is warned against.  It is not an acceptable authority in academic circles.  However, in this wired world, especially in remote areas where there are no large libraries or no libraries at all, this is their primary source for information.  Many of the other sources of information on the web have used Wikipedia information without citing it.  As in the academic world, with only literary research available in some disciplines or areas, everyone is quoting one another like a circle of gossips.  If students are being given a PLE, what guidelines do they or the contributors to the WWW need?

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  1. I notice you mention "remote areas" again. I beleive you mentioned in Friday's PLENK elluminate session that you were in an isolated location on the BC coast. I'm wondering if you would be in a position to help me connect some of my ABE (Adult Basic Education) students from the NWT to young adult learners out there. I have a free 3-user elluninate v-room and also a skype account we could use to video conference and share photos in real-time.

    Jim Stauffer

    You can find my email in my profile on the PLENK participants list