Monday, September 13, 2010

#PLENK2010 What I learned today

A1.  The people giving this course are really well prepared.  Stephen Downes' video had everything on it.  I had to go over it in bits to absorb what I needed.  But it was there.  And I was able to sign up, and RSS.  I still don't understand what that is, but it works.  How do you guys get your photos on your chats?  I changed my photo on my blog to one where I look kind of stunned because that's how I feel, being such a Newb and all.
2.  The Elluminate people are terrific.  I wanted to recommend it to the superintendent of my local school board and they already have it.  They are using it for their most remote schools, too, just what I hoped.  I want to sign up.    How do you write on the white board, guys?
B1.  The people taking this course are really kind. And knowledgeable. 
2.  They taught me that you can make a map and have people locate themselves on it, in Finnish no less.
3.  They taught me that Google has a translator.  And it recognizes Finnish without me telling it what language it is.
4.  They taught me that an URL can show what language to put the map in.
5.  They taught me how to put myself on that map.
6.  I found out myself that I had to sign in to MY MAP to do it.  And Google Maps taught me about the symbols.  I stumbled around a lot, but I got there in the end.

I may not get as much out of this course as some, and I may have to come back next year, but I am certainly enjoying the ride.

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