Friday, September 17, 2010

Ed Techie

Chris Jobling tells me that Martin Weller is the Ed Techie and that he'll be at the Wednesday Ellumination.  Have I got that right, Chris? 

Martin is writing a book based on compilations of student courses similar to PLENK2010.  I want to tell him that this is exactly what Dr. Spock did to write his baby books.  He asked the mothers of his pediatric patients how they handled so many common baby issues, and then he wrote a book about what they had told him.

I am all in favour of asking the students how they learn best, and asking front-line workers how to improve the workplace or the service.   They deal with it every day.  They know what it's like to do the job. 

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  1. Yes Susan, Martin Weller *is* the Ed Techie and he's due to speak on Wednesday's (week 2) Elluminate session. He lives and works in Cardiff and although that's only 35 miles away, we've never actually met. He tweets as @mweller.