Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#PLENK2010 What I learned today

 #PLENK2010 Tuesday September 14
• Today I learned how to add my photo to my profile in the discussion group. 
• I learned that I am not the only beginner.  I hope I was able to help that other person get on the map.
• I learned that there are many ways to organize data.  (Actually, I knew that, but I am astonished at the sophistication of some methods, viz. Patricio Bustamante in Chile.  Quick, someone, help that man start a business.)
• I chastised myself for dismissing incomprehensible emails when I know Google has a translator.  I learned that yesterday.  I will translate them from now on.


  1. Hi Skupik - I like your short, to the point format!
    One of the things I learned on the PLENK2010 course today was the word 'rhizomatic' (and how to pronounce it)! :-)

  2. Hi Skupik!

    Glad I found you here :)

    I really like the format that you have chosen for your blog. By highlighting what you have learned each time you blog you are creating a solid foundation for discourse.

    I only wish I could say that I have learned as much as you at this point.

    Glad we are all in this together.

    Katherine (Worlds2See)