Saturday, September 18, 2010

#plenk2010 paradigm shifting

#plenk2010 This is really exciting.  We are like those first university professors who gathered around Homer either congratulating him for writing the first book or excoriating him for ruining people's ability to memorize (and ruining their careers).  It's like the moment when Chaucer brought out his stories in the new-fangled language he was calling English.  It will take about a generation to get to the point where everyone says "Of course!" about it.
   Katarina Way suggested that we watch Michael Wesch's presentation to the University of Manitoba.  I was blown away.  I get excited over reading a good book.  This new medium has so much potential.  Wesch has put together a system that enables all of his students to become a single study group.  They have become part of the book.


  1. LOL... Dante's friends thought he was committing literary suicide by not writing his epic in Latin. Milton's colleagues expressed similar opinions.

  2. I'm very behind with the PLENK 2010 readings/links, but I'm glad I found your blog post. Thanks for the link to Michael Wesch's video. I watched the whole thing, and was blown away by the ways in which he was able to connect 200 students and what they were able to create together. Give us a great deal to think about as teachers.