Friday, September 17, 2010

the lending library

We have been lucky to have had our little library for the last quarter of a century.  Before that, the building was a bank, and there was no library.  The library system will only rent facilities, not own them (no budget for capital expenditures I guess), so it has to move.  I hope it isn't just stored in boxes somewhere for a few decades until something else, maybe the same building, becomes available again.

For us the library is a source of books and a meeting place.  It's too small of course, but we love it.

Many places in BC don't have a library at all.

Why don't you use the school libraries?  Well, one is welcome--with limitations.  They don't really want adults wandering in and disturbing the classes.  Then, one would be limited to school hours, or half an hour after the final bell.

We do have a virtual library and can order books by mail, but we like browsing and talking with our good friend, the librarian.

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